For enrolments or to book a tour please email your contact details and the age(s) of your child(ren) and which days of the week you need, to director@ourhousefrankston.com.au or call us on 03 8774 0980 One of our dedicated staff will contact your shortly.

Child Care Benefits

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) are payments made to families to assist with the cost of child care. Families using approved childcare are able to choose to direct the CCB / CCR to the centre and get a fee reduction OR pay full fees and be reimbursed. The CCB is based on combined estimated taxable income for the year in which care was received. The CCR is not income based and is 50% of the out of pocket fees up to $7,500 per year per child. To claim these reductions, families need to contact the Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) direct on 13 61 50 to be assessed for Child Care Benefit. It is imperative that you inform the centre if you have other siblings listed on the assessment notice who are attending another approved child care service or if you have a child attending Our House Early Learning World and they are also attending another approved child care service. All children receiving CCB have 42 allowable absences per calendar year, excluding absences with a doctor’s certificate for which there is no limit. Please make all your arrangements with the Family Assistance Office well before your commencement date at our centre, thus enabling the centre to reduce your fees upon your child’s commencement.

Occasional Care.

We offer Occasional Care. Enrol your child for half days, morning or afternoon, either 6:30am to 10:30am or 9:30pm to 1:30pm, and still be eligible for CCR and CCB.


Come Visit Us

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