New Room Layout

As you well know the centre has a new room layout. This was done to benefit your child with their learning and development. The funded kinder now has its own room as this is a separate program run by our Bachelor of Education accredited kinder teacher Cameron. Having their own room will improve the kinder children’s education. Your child’s kinder year is an important one.

We provide an enriched educational program. In our kinder your child will learn to make friends, join in cooperative activities, and focus on learning their letters and colours. All this will help your child get ready for the next milestone of going to school.

The babies now have much more room in their new nursery. This bigger room enables us to extend the nursery room to provide for children up to 2.5 years old. After that, they will then move to the toddler room which is for ages 2.5 to 3. The toddler room caters to a whole different set of learning and development than the nursery room does, and the play and educational programs there will be much more age appropriate.