Nursery Room News

In the nursery recently we have been focused on extending our independence skills. We have had both general room goals as well as individual goals that we have been encouraging and supporting the children to meet. A few of our current goals have been the children washing their own hands in the bathroom as well as scraping their bowls into the bin and then packing their cutlery and drink bottles away.

Due to interests from several children we have also been working on identifying our colours. We have supported this goal through experiences such as blocks, playdough, painting, cars, books and songs.

We have also been introducing a little bit of technology and it’s uses to the children in the past week. The children have been very interested in the books, the colour and animal books in particular. We have expanded on this interest by reading one of our animal stories and then going back through the book using the iPad to look up the animals and listen to and look at them on youtube.

Could we please also remind our parents to please pack at least one extra full set of clothing (pants, singlet, shirt, socks and jumper).

Could we also please ask for a family photo be sent in as we are setting up our new family tree. The photo can be emailed, brought in or, if you would like it back, we can photocopy it and send it straight back home, thank you.