Kinder 2020 run by register teacher.

Government Funded.
Kinder Subsidies are available.
Start at age 4 (birthday before April 30th)
Health Care Card required (or full fees apply).

7 December 2019


Kinder 2020 run by register teacher. Government Funded. Kinder Subsidies are available.Start at age 4 (birthday before April 30th)Health Care Card required (or full fees apply).
16 April 2018


– IMPORTANT POST Dear parents, We are pleased to invite you, your child and any other family members to participate in the Early Childhood Influenza Vaccination Program which will be held at Our House Early Learning World Frankston on Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 07:30 AM...
29 March 2018

We won the Frankston City Council Food Safety Award!

Our House Early Learning received an award for achieving high standards in food safety. Colleen and Shoshanna received the award on behalf of the Staff from the Frankston Council on Thursday 29th of March. All of us are very excited to see how far the centre has come. Thanks to our fantastic cook Colleen who always makes the best food with lots of tender loving care. And special thanks to Marlene who has been instrumental as a fantastic director in ensuring that we meet the highest standards in all areas. Congratulations!
29 March 2018

Fundraising for Good Friday Appeal

Our House is raising money for the Good Friday Appeal this is going to be an ongoing fundraiser for the centre. Please give that they may grow, the children’s hospital does an amazing job with our children any small change would be appreciated in the tin near the coffee machine.  
29 March 2018


As some of you may be aware, Our House went through the rating and assessment process earlier in the month. It has been 5 weeks since this has happened, and we are now waiting on our results.  We all done amazingly in compliance, our centre was compliant with every regulation.    
29 March 2018

Teaching the children about Sustainability

We have now started a vegie garden in the big yard for the children to look after and plant. The kinder children have planted pumpkins. Our worm farm is going well, and we hope for our water tank to gain some water with winter fast approaching.  We participated in Earth hour and we try to turn our lights off for an hour every day.  
29 March 2018

Up & Coming Events

Friday 30th March – Good Friday Closed & end of term 1 for Kinder. Monday 2nd Easter – Easter Monday Saturday7th– World Health Day- Children will be involved in a variety of activities today about Health (Thursday 5th & Friday 6th in centre) Monday 16th– Term 2 starts Wednesday 25th– Anzac Day – Centre Closed Thursday 26th – Super hero day- Dress up in your favourite super hero costume.  
29 March 2018

Updated Childcare Subsidy Information

CCS SYSTEM (childcare subsidy) The new Childcare Subsidy will begin in July 2018, The key changes for families Is it has been simplified. The centrepiece of the package is the Child Care Subsidy. When the Child Care Subsidy commences in July 2018, it will:  replace the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) with a single, means-tested subsidy  be paid directly to service providers  be simpler than the current multi-payment system  be better targeted and provide more assistance to low and middle-income families Family Income Families earning $65,710^ or less will receive a subsidy of 85 per cent of the actual fee charged (up to 85 per cent of an hourly rate cap). For family incomes above $65,710^, the subsidy gradually decreases to 20 per cent when family income reaches $340,000^. For families with incomes of $350,000 or more, the subsidy is zero per cent. Combined Family Income    Subsidy rate Up to $65,710                  85% Over $65,710 to under $170,710 Gradually reducing to 50% $170,710 to under $250,000                      50% $250,000 to under $340,000 Gradually reducing to 20% 340,000 to under $350,000                 20% $350,000 or more                  0%   Activity test requirements […]
29 March 2018

Dental Visit

Could all parents interested in the dental visit for their children, please return their permission forms by 13th April 2018. If there is not enough interest in this event the dentist will cancel.
29 March 2018


Be on the lookout for the immunisation professionals who will be coming to Our House in May to make sure diseases including the flu are kept away for our children
21 February 2018

Our outside play areas have been refreshed!

  Be sure to come by and see our refreshed playground                                        and landscaping. New freshly filled sandpits, fresh soft fall                                             and soil with a worm farm and a water tank for                                                       the children’s veggie garden!
7 February 2018

African Drumming

We invited a musician to Our House for African drumming. The children were totally engaged with the music and they got to play drums too. Our nursery teacher Lynn, who is from Africa,  came in traditional dress.  The children enjoyed this fun cultural experience.  
23 January 2018

Calendar of events for 2018

At Our House we strive to make everyday special for our families. Please be sure to stop by the office and pick up the new 2018 calendar of events.
23 January 2018

Our House is inviting the dentist back

Our unit on dental health last year was so successful. The children learned all about how to care for their teeth and had fun doing it too. We are planning to have the dentist come for another visit to talk to the children about their teeth. It is so important to teach children about dental health at an early age so they will have good dental hygiene. More information is coming.
23 January 2018

Flu Immunisation at our centre will be available

The health of your children at our centre is our top priority. On May 22 the immunisation people will be coming to the centre to give flu shots to your child. More information will be coming closer to the date