May 25, 2016

Our Centre Philosophy

Our philosophy has been put together with the thoughts of what our center’s parents, staff and children believe is important in everyday life at childcare.  These thoughts have become the foundation of what we strive to achieve while caring for children and working alongside staff and parents on a daily basis. Our House Early Learning World is a project established to service the growing needs of the local community. Our House Early Learning World endeavours to create a unique, warm and friendly environment – welcoming families from all walks of life to its Centre. The programs at Our House Early Learning World arise from a common desire to establish a love for learning, a fascination with holidays and life cycle events and a passion for approaching the world in an ethical way. Current thinking in the field of Early Childhood education echoes the statement by King Solomon, found in the Book of Proverbs: “Educate a child to his way and when he is old he will not depart from it.” The basic philosophy behind our program is that children learn best by doing. The program activities are therefore designed to help children learn more about the world, their heritage and […]