Our New Director – Marlene Slocom

Hello & Welcome to Our House, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new parents who have joined our house in the last few weeks.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Marlene and l am the new director l have a passion for early childhood. I have 8 children of my own ages ranging from 8-24 years, and also have a granddaughter 6 weeks old.  At our house l would like to create the home away from home feeling so it’s unique to our centre.

2016 seems to be going so quickly.  We have reached nearly the end of May and it will soon be Term 3.

Term 3 brings lots of things happening here at our house with our new kinder teacher starting to continue from Kim. In the meantime Aimee will start here on the 30th of May at 8.30am and will help out in the toddler room until she begins her program.

I’m sure families will agree that all rooms are looking great, we have worked hard on creating a space where all children feel that they belong within their rooms.  A sense of belonging is an important part of ensuring children feel settled and included within their rooms, this can be created by including photos of the child and/or their families, setting up activities based on the child’s interests, labelling lockers so every child has a space to place their thing, ensuring our service is inclusive of all cultures and building relationships with Educators.

Belonging forms the basis of the Early Years Learning Framework from which our Educators base their programming.

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